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Narrative Research Addressing the Challenges of a Career in Professional Sports

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Published in “JTRM in Kinesiology” an online peer-reviewed research and practice journal

"Narrative Research Addressing the Challenges of a Career in Professional Sports"
By Daniel Frankl, Ph.D. - California State University, Los Angeles


The purpose of this article is to highlight the challenges that accomplished young athletes face as they aspire to become professional athletes. The data used in this study was derived from selected lived and told sport experiences of undergraduate and graduate kinesiology majors who were former competitive athletes. Additional data was derived via email exchanges between the author and a mother of a teen soccer player. Statistics from football, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer are also presented in order to place both players’ compensation and the odds of a professional career in sports in a proper perspective. Parents are advised of the challenge they may face as they try to reason with a child who neglects her/his studies in favor of focusing on her/his dream of a career in professional sports. The author also recommends steps parents may follow in order to help their child select a fitting and fulfilling post-professional athletics career.

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