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Weight Loss Methods and Effects on the Elite Cadet Greco-Roman Wrestlers

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Rifat YAGMUR1,* , Ozkan ISIK2, Yakup KILIC3, Ilkay DOGAN44


The aim of this study was to examine body weight loss methods and its effects on elite cadet Greco-Roman wrestlers' performance. The sample of research consisted of 146 elite Greco-Roman wrestlers. The “Athlete weight loss methodology and effects scale” and a personal information form were used. In addition to descriptive statistics, One-way ANOVA was used for data analysis. Additionally, a Pearson correlation analysis was used to determine relationships between variables. Results showed that 47.9% of the wrestlers lose weight and 52.1% did not engage in a rapid weight loss regimen. It was calculated that on average weight loss wrestlers reduce their body weights by 4.68%. Statistically significant differences were found between dietary, physiological, and psychological sub-dimension effects in the weight loss groups. In addition, there was weak but positive correlations between weight loss percentage and diet (r=0.305), as well as physiological (r=0.231), and psychological (r=0.168) sub-dimensions. Accordingly, as the percentage of weight loss increases, wrestlers’ level of nutrition and fluid restriction increases. For this restriction, the physiological and psychological effect sub-dimensions levels also increase. As a result, when the diet sub-dimension of weight loss wrestlers was examined, it was found that 92.9% of the wrestlers engaged in food and fluid restriction. When the physiological effect sub-dimension was examined, it was found that 72.9% were exposed to muscle cramps and 72.9% to injury. Moreover, when the psychological effect sub-dimension of the wrestlers was examined, it was determined that 87.1% were exposed to stress, and 90.0% had decreased performance. As a result, weight loss before the competition was determined to cause physiological and psychological negative effects on athletes.

Keywords: Weight loss; wrestling; cadet athletes; competition

Category: Fitness, Health, and Nutrition .

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