Panna Football Trailer
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This is Panna Football introduction video. The official game is played in a cage as a game of 2 vs 2 players, but Panna Football is played in the streets, on the fields and virtually anywhere that one can think of.


The basic rules of football are applied to PANNAfootball with some minor adjustments and by never forgetting the principle of Fair Play.

PANNAfootball is played as a 2-on-2 -game. Although the goals count just like in regular football, a PANNAgoal (goal through the opponent's legs) ends the game immediately. We also can score by playing the football between opponents legs = PANNA (without making a goal) for a tie game after 4 minutes playing time.

A match lasts for 4 minutes (2+2). If the score is even, winner is the most PANNAs scored team if still even, one minute of overtime will follow and the rule of sudden death is applied. If the tie has still not been resolved, the game can be continued until either of the teams makes a goal.
If there is no clock to the time the game, it can end when either of the teams reaches a certain amount of goals. But also in this case a PANNAgoal resolves the game right away.


PANNAfootball is a game of skill. Panna is a game that requires extreme coordination and ball handling skills but the intensity of the game also puts a lot of weight on the player's physical fitness qualities.
Playing demands game intelligence and the ability to read the opponent's intentions and movements instantly.