Groundmoves Tutorial Part 2 - Skipping (EngSub in Description Box)
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Hello,in this video I will show you the Skipping technique

Step 1 : Like one-footed Clapping ,use your right foot to pull the ball back,simultaneously step the other foot one step forward.

Notice : Rest the ball on the inner side of your right foot.

Step 2 : Use your right foot to pull the ball diagonally. Not like Clapping,you don't change the foot the keep the ball, this time use your right foot to move forward to hold the ball.

Step 3 : Pull the ball to the back of your body.

Step 4 : Use your right foot to drag the ball to the original place. Simultaneously the other foot steps one step backward.

Notice : Your left foot must rotate in the direction of the ball.

Step 5 : Combine the moves with your stepping beat.